Article of the Month - October 2023

FIG Working Week 2023 Keynote:  Smarter Working in Digital Transformation

Mickey Ng Nok Hang, Young Surveyors Network
Instead of a paper we would like to share with you this month a video recording from one of the plenary sessions of FIG Working 2023.

Keynote speaker Mickey Ng Nok Hang's presentation is a perspective of the younger generation through a combination of technological innovation and new ways of thinking. He is unlocking the XYZ value and how Young Surveyors can respond to the needs. He is elaborating on how he sees the industry in 5-10 years, zooming into the identity of a surveyor. "Fasten the seatbelts and get to new heights" says Mickey.

Watch and be inspired by the keynote session here:

About the keynote speaker
Keynote presentation by
Mickey Ng Nok Hang, Young Surveyors Network


Keynote speaker Mickey is a Geospatial Surveyor Land Surveyor currently working in Hong Kong with near 10 years of working experience on geospatial data management. He works in the Remote Sensing Data Analysis Section (RSDA), Lands Department, HKSAR.